User Research / Customer Development

Understand your customer's behavior, problems and needs behind their behavior to build products they buy, love and return.

Understanding your customers' basic needs is crucial to building products that they will love, buy, and retain with your business.

We run customer research or customer development programs properly and turn learnings into actionable, profitable solutions.

What is Customer Research & Development ?

User Research programs help to answer key questions about your customers' needs, problems, the reasons for their behavior:

  • what is the problem your customer is trying to solve?
  • when and why does the need for solutions arise?
  • how does your product address it?
  • what drives them to buy your product?
  • how and why do they choose (or not) it?
  • what alternatives do they consider?
  • how do they discover your product, interact with it, why do they churn or retain?
  • etc.

We use various qualitative research methods and tools, such as User interviews, Surveys, User observation and Focus groups. User Interviews  conducted along with Surveys and Secondary research methods allow product teams to gain in-depth understanding of the whole ecosystem.

We often use a JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) concepts based frameworks to run the research and structure the information. It helps to visualize learnings in a way when every function of your team will benefit from the research and will easily turn knowledge into action.

The process

The full program takes 4-8 weeks on average from a brief to the final workshop. Timings and compexity depend on the number of segments, respondents, quality of inputs and density of interviews. In short, steps are following:

  • Goals, objectives, and context audit
  • Research program design, detailed execution pipeline and guides
  • Sample definition — audience segments to recruit for the study and their parameters
  • Run interviews, provide their records and transcripts
  • Report preparation and a team workshop

Here's a Customer research program pipeline example (click "View larger version"):

Resources & Costs

The total cost of full-cycle User research program is around 4,900 € on average. It is based on three components:

  • Research program design
  • Repondents recruiting and Interviews
  • Analysis, Report and Workshop

The final costs depend mostly on the number of audience segments (Samples) and a number of Interviews per segment. The cost of 1 interview is 300 €. It includes:

  • Respondents recruitment
  • Conducting interviews
  • Interviews records transcription.

10 respondents per segment is usually enough to gain enough of learnings for the next step. So, 10 x 300€ = 3,000€.

Mail us to or book a demo call — we will share a detailed calculation example with you.

What is the outcome?

Every program ends with a detailed analytic report, a database of research artifacts, and a workshop. We present our findings and discuss them with the customer's team to turn them into backlog issues.


Managers and specialists required to run the project.

Our cases

CustDev program for a global b2c SaaS

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