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User Research / CustDev program report framework

A ready-to-use and pre-filled template for setting up User Research or Customer Development programs, analyzing the data, and running team workshops.

This Miro template is designed to guide your Product Management or Research team in running Customer Development programs properly and cut the routine with data management, structuring and analysis.

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Together with our free User Research / Cust Dev brief (start from it) this template will help to:

  • gather required inputs;
  • clearly set goals & objectives;
  • design the research program;
  • develop sampling (respondents) requirements;
  • prepare an easy to read Interview guides;
  • collect data from interviews, transcript and present it in a conscise and consistent form;
  • analyze the data and prepare the final report;
  • run internal workshop and turn it into actionable backlog inputs.

We designed and optimized this template based on hundreds of interviews within dozens of CustDev programs for our customers, including b2b & b2c SaaS product and services from verticals such as Edtech, MarkTech, Game Dev, SVOD, Fin Tech & banking.

Most of our customers have strong internal Product mangement, Discovery and Research teams demanding top-quality from outsourced projects. Some of these custoemers hired us to run workshops for their internal teams.

Will this template fit your product and specific research objective?

It will, while you need to adpat it to your particular case. When overal logic and structure is the same in most cases, it also helps to set up the right approach to thinking and researcher culture that are critical for qualitative research in general:

  • clearly set, articulate and stick to objectives;
  • properly write and ask questions;
  • build relaxed and trustful conversation;
  • let the respondent respondent to speak freely, share concerns and ideas;
  • avoid excessive information;
  • focus on critical questions;
  • analyze and present conclusions in an actionable format and way.

Having all these requirements in mind, we have built a simple frameworks sharply focused on delivering learnings that help innovate, optimize, define business growth and UX strategies. While its structure is universal, it is designed to fit Jobs-To-Be-Done phylosophy, concepts and frameworks:

  • JTBD job stories;
  • Overall approach to Job & User Story development;
  • Use cases development framework;

The template is prefilled with examples that will help you to understand the logic and workflow. Every piece of this template is accompanied by guides and hints.

How to use it?

  • After successful checkput and payment, you will be offered with download link at the order confirmation page and via email;
  • Link includes an instruction in PDF and access credentials;
  • Then you copy and paste our Miro board content to your own board, that's it.

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