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User Research / CustDev program brief

User research or Customer development program brief template will help to gather required inputs and kick off your research project quickly and correctly.

The User Research / CustDev program brief will help you to kick-off, plan and run your project.

The quality of inputs is crucial for any research project to deliver relevant, reliable data and actionable insights. Qualitative research programs like Customer development, user interviews are especially sensitive to data and its interpretation quality due to a very limited number of respondents — you need to get the most out of each conversation, but keep it simple and focused, not overloaded with questions.

So, we developed and optimised this brief template within a many various project to make it concise, simple and focused on the end value.

You will go through the key questions:

  • the business, goals and problems;
  • hypotheses and assumptions;
  • market structure and trends, competitors;
  • target audience, their motivation and needs, problems they face, etc;
  • research sample (respondents segment) requirements.

Briefing requires two meetings:

  • initial briefing with the client's business & product team to gather inputs from stakeholders;
  • brief discussion, corrections, alignment.

How to use?

This template is offered in three formats, pre-filled with examples:

  • Miro board as the best way to visualize and discuss the inputs together with the team;
  • Google Sheet document.

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