Full-cycle Product Management Outsource

Outsource a full-cycle product management function to a dedicated team with streamlined processes to support your product idea research, validation, launch and ongoing development.

When it is critical to cut the Time-to-Market and optimize the costs of your product management function, you would prefer to hire a well-coordinated experienced team, armed with a full range of methods, tools and streamlined workflows for effective Product Discovery, In-Market Validation and Delivery projects.

When you need such full-scale PM support?

Both small and established products face a situation when they need to fill a human resource and expertise gap quickly and we will get them covered:

  • We can support your in-house team in urgent projects where specific expertise in Product Discovery and Delivery projects are required.
  • We can be your kick-off or start-up team to get the project moving and set up the processes while hiring an in-house team.
    We also always help our customers with recruitment.
  • We can help develop your in-house team's culture, skills and processes.

What are the costs?

As practice shows, our costs are always lower than running an internal team with the same expertise, capacity, and flexibility.

You avoid hiring, onboarding costs and reduce your tax base. Our pricing starts from 200EUR/h and minimum a month-long contract of min 15-20 hours a week.

So, at 12K EUR/mo, you obtain a highly flexible and super motivated Product Research, Strategy and Delivery team with expertise in various domains and business models. And we don't work from salary to salary, 9 am to 6 pm — our focus is the value for your business, evident and tangible outcome, in the shortest possible time.

How does the process look like?

This Product Research & Soft-Launch pipeline example will give you an idea of the project structure, its stages and key tasks to be covered. Full-cycle outsource will consist of such projects and ongoing tasks.

What are the risks?

Risks are at a minimum.

We start with two meetings and a detailed project proposal. Then you pay for the first two weeks of work, see the result and are free to decide if to work with us further.

Want to learn more and discuss?

Book a call with us and let's talk on what keeps you up at night.

Our cases

Bank-as-a-Service Soft Launch in Russia
International scale and Lead Gen strategy for b2b

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Project Pipeline

This pipeline template will give you an idea of the project structure.


Here's what you receive during the project and in the end.
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